Why AdBlock Should Change? Guidelines!

Adblock is a very powerful tool to block advertisements on Internet. I used to have this extension for Chrome web browser, but recently it stopped working and so I removed it. I had this extension to stop my own ad impressions for my blog. This extension also allowed me to manually hide specific section of a website. I could hide unwanted friend suggestions from Facebook and Google Plus. You can see it as the advantage of having Adblock extension. Adblock is a subject of debate and so in this article I am writing my point of view on this subject. Please share your opinion about Adblock using the comment box at the end of this article.

Disadvantages of Adblock

Thinking about the disadvantages of Adblock is important to improve this tool.

Stops Fair Social Distribution of Content Fees

Advertisements have different rates in different countries. Poor countries (poor people) indirectly pay less for the content. Rich countries indirectly pay more for the content. A poor can access the same quality content in less price, while rich pay on their behalf. Rich people can buy more expensive products and thus they indirectly pay more for the internet content. Advertisements are very useful for fair social distribution of content fees (money), which is useful for the growth of internet. If someone can not pay anything except the internet and light bill, even though he can access quality content on the internet for free. Thanks to advertisements!

Adblock Hides Each and Every Advertisement

AdBlock should stop blocking advertisements from top online advertising companies, like Adsense, Amazon, eBay, Chitika, etc. These companies already have the guidelines for their publishers and advertisers about the limited use of advertisements and their quality respectively. Adblock should not bother about the quality of these advertisements.

Free Internet is Not Possible without Advertisements

The concept of free internet is based on advertisements. If AdBlock thinks it is doing something good for internet users, then it is wrong. People will stop creating content over internet, if you stop their revenue stream. Only the sites like Wikipedia will continue to run. Internet will become a place for rich people, as websites will directly ask to pay them monthly fees with credit card. The overall growth of the internet will stop and this is not good for an average internet user himself.

Today, someone is reading the free content on internet by blocking ads with AdBlock, because someone on their behalf is not using AdBlock and watching ads! AdBlock should allow ads from good advertising companies or else all their arguments can not be considered.

AdBlock Should Block Itself

Guidelines for Adblock

  • Adblock should stop blocking all types of advertisements by default. If they claim their service is for better user experience, they should allow users to decide which advertisements they would like to block? Adblock should work like a spam filter in email. This tool should take user feedback to decide and block spam advertisements.
  • Adblock should block advertisements only if there are more than 3 ads on a single webpage.
  • Adblock could also block advertisements from untrusted advertising companies, pop-up ads and floating ads by default.

I think Adblock should stop their arrogant arguments over the benefits of common internet users, as they are actually destroying free internet culture. Adblock Plus allows advertisements from specific advertisers by accepting fees from them! Really!? So you need money too!? They do not have moral rights to accept money from advertisers to allow their ads through their filters. Adblock needs to revamp itself according to the suggested guidelines. Then they could start selling their product to interested internet users. They could also rise money through donations.  Google already removed Adblock from Google Play. I suggest Google Chrome and Mozilla to remove this extension (Add-on) from their stores until they come up with more customized solution.

  • Brian Grover

    Bullcrap! Unbridled advertising is destroying the “Free” Internet. Block that trash with AdBlock Plus, Ghosterly and Facebook Purity.