Best Free Online Private Diary, Journal

My new year’s resolution is to write diary almost every day. Diary can be of three different types. Paper diary, diary software and online diary. Writing free online Private diary is more convenient and safe. Let’s see best free online Private diary, journal for 2013.

Why writing Free Online Private Diary, journal is a good choice?

There are many reasons to write online diary or journal. Some of these reasons include,

  • Your diary will always be password protected and safe.
  • Typing is more easy than writing with pen.
  • You can write as much as you want with unlimited space.
  • No tension of losing your private data.
  • You can access your diary, journal from anywhere in the world.
  • You never need to carry any device or paper dairy along with you.
  • Even if you have to format your computer, your diary will be safe online.
  • You can easily add photos in your diary entries.
  • More customization is possible with font, color, smiley, etc.
  • You can categorize your entries with tags.
Keeping your own personal online diary, journal is always a good choice in this new age of technology.

Best Free Online Private Diary, Journal for 2013 is Penzu

I searched Google and went through almost all the websites offering free online Private diary or journal. So far Penzu is the best among all other services. Penzu is very professional and their focus is on the privacy of their users. I chose Penzu as my online diary. Everyday I use it to write down my life, experiences and thoughts. Penzu is absolutely free. But if you want high level security and more customization, then you can always upgrade to it’s Pro version. Open and you can try it right away!

Free Online Private Diary

Best Free Online Private Diary, Journal for 2013 is Penzu

The writing pad of Penzu gives us the feeling of regular notebook page. You can write as much as you want. You can change the default format of text, like font, size, alignment, color, etc. You can insert photos in your entry. All your entries in Penzu are private by default, but if you want, you can print or share your entries with others. You can lock your journal in Penzu with another password. This ensures the double protection of your diary. Tagging entries, more customization, multiple journals and encryption is available with Penzu pro which currently comes just for the price of 19$ per year. Overall, Penzu is the best free online private diary, journal for 2013.

  • me

    if I loose stuff ?? I can pay extra to retrieve it ?? that doesn’t sound very reassuring.

    • Penzu Pro users can secure their journal with Military Grade 256-bit Encryption. If you forget the password of encryption lock, you can not retrieve it back. You should keep your encrypted password safe. No one except you have the access to that password and that is the whole purpose of that extra layer of security. But you can always use basic lock instead of encryption lock. It is possible to retrieve basic lock password. Penzu Pro also allows you to take the backup of your entries on Penzu.