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Best Websites to Share, Listen Music and Audio

There are special websites on internet for specific type of content. YouTube provides a great platform to host your videos. Flickr makes it easy to showcase your photos. But videos and photos are meant to be watched. You can not do anything else, if you are watching a video. If people are busy in their work, they perfer to listen audio. This is why FM radios are still popular around the world. But in this age of technology, radio is not the only way to listen audio. You can listen music and audio on demand on your smart phone, tablet or laptop using internet.

Community and Social Network for Sharing Music and Audio

SoundCloud and Hulkshare are the two website where you can share music and audio. SoundCloud is a community of artists, bands, podcasters and audio creators. If you create music, you can share it with your fans using this medium. You can upload total 2 hours audio with your free SoundCloud account. You can share or embed sounds on your blog or website by uploading it to SounCloud.

HulkShare is another website to share music and audio online. It is a social network for music artists and music lovers. It offers unlimited free cloud storage for audio and video. Many artist upload their songs on HulkShare, so that their fans around the world can download those songs for free. It is possible to share and embed the audio on HulkShare on your blog, website.

Share, Listen Music and Audio
Share, Listen Music and Audio Files on HulkShare

Podcasts and Blog to Host and Listen Music, Audio Files

Then there are some free podcast hosting websites, like PodBean and PodOmatic. But these services have limitations and you cannot host unlimited files without a Premium account. Instead of using these services for hosting podcasts, you can host audio files from your podcast on Tumblr.

Tumblr is a free blogging community. Create a blog on Tumblr. Consider this blog as your podcast. This is your audio blog. Tumblr gave the tool to upload audio files. You can upload a file upto 10 MB. Upload as many files as you want. You can even use your own custom domain name for your Tumblr blog.

These are some best websites where you can host, share or listen music and audio files. If you find this article helpful, please consider it to share with your friends.