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How to Change Nameservers to Point Domain Name to Different Web Host?

If you have a domain name on, but host your website somewhere else, then you need to point your nameservers to the web host. To do so, follow the steps below.

Add or Edit Nameservers -
Add or Edit Nameservers –
  1. Get the nameserver details from web hosting company.
  2. Log in to and go to My Domains. There you will see the list of your registered domains. (Direct link – domain list). Click on the domain name that you want to point to the web server. You can also edit nameservers directly from Quick Links option.
  3. Edit Nameservers from Quick Links -
  4. Edit Nameservers from Quick Links –
  5. Click Edit Nameservers option, +Add nameserver one by one and Save changes.
  6. Wait. Nameservers will eventually get updated. Your website will go live and start working after that.

Thus, you can change nameservers to point domain name to different web host.