How to Connect Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr?

I have a personal blog on Tumblr and I also post my updates on Twitter and Facebook. I wanted to connect my blog with these social networks, because I did not want to waste my time by posting the same updates to all the platforms one by one. I wanted to be active everywhere, but it was not possible for me to post updates at all the places. So I decided to connect Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts together. I have just connected my social accounts. There are very simple steps involved in this process.

Connect Tumblr with Facebook and Twitter

Login to your Tumblr account. There is the gear icon at the top of Tumblr interface. Click that gear icon to open settings for Tumblr. Click on the name of your blog from left sidebar. You are now in blog specific settings. There is the option on this page to connect your Tumblr blog with Facebook and Twitter. If you have already signed in to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, you just need to give Tumblr the permission to access Twitter and Facebook. Tumblr allows you to share your blog posts on Facebook and Twitter. You can limit to the automatic sharing on Twitter and Facebook at the time of posting individual Tumblr posts.

Connect Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Connect Tumblr with Facebook and Twitter

Connect Twitter with Facebook

If you want your tweets from Twitter to be posted automatically on Facebook, you can do so from Twitter account settings. The option to connect with Facebook is given in the profile settings. You can connect the Facebook profile or any of your Facebook pages with Twitter.

Connect Facebook with Twitter

Facebook also made it easy to connect Twitter with it. Open to link your Facebook profile or page with Twitter account. Your Facebook posts and updates will be automatically shared on Twitter. I linked the Facebook page of my blog with Twitter. Everything that I share on my Facebook page gets posted on Twitter. This saves my time.

If you going to share the same thing on all your social accounts, then it is pointless to share it manually on all the places. You can share the updates everywhere at once by connecting those accounts with each other.

There are also some other services like Buffer, Path, Hootsuite, etc. that allow sharing on all social networks together at once. This type of services are very helpful for website owners and bloggers.