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Why eBooks are Better than Paper Books?

Book lovers can feel their emotional connection with paper books. Traditional paperback books have their own beauty and I am totally agree with that. Printed books can have some benefits too, but I do not think those reasons are enough to use real books in future. There are so many reasons why eBooks are better than paper books!

Every medium has its own advantages and disadvantages. The limitations of traditional printed paper back book come to an end in the form of eBook. Book reading becomes more cheap and convenient when shift towards eBook technology. Let’s have a look on 20 reasons to read eBooks. If you are not a fan of eBook technology, I am sure, you will start liking eBooks after reading these reasons.

20 Reasons to Read eBooks

  1. eBooks are Eco friendly. Paper books use wood to take its form. It can be harmful for our environment to cut so many trees just for making papers. eBooks do not use paper. It means, you are saving a tree when you are reading an eBook.
  2. There are special applications for smart phones to buy eBooks. For example, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, etc. You can pay conveniently using your credit card, debit card or net banking account. The purchased book becomes instantly available for reading.
  3. You can go through the catalog of thousands of eBooks. You can spend your time browsing eBook collections to choose your favorite books.
  4. You get to read book preview before you buy it. That make it easy to decide, if you would like to buy the book or not?
  5. eBooks do not take any printing cost. That is why, eBooks are mostly cheap than the paper books.
  6. You can read thousands of eBooks for free and we are talking about legally free eBooks.
  7. It is very convenient to read eBook, as it can sync with your smart phone, tablet, laptop and computer.
  8. You can read eBooks in total darkness. eBooks readers have night mode option in them. When there is a darkness inside your room, you can activate this night mode to read books. The mode will protect your eyes from harmful rays coming out of your smart device. You can also adjust the brightness of the screen. It is impossible to read paper books in total darkness.
  9. You can change the text font and text size of eBook’s pages. It is also possible to change the layout of pages.
  10. It is very easy to bookmark a page on eBook. You can easily start reading from the same page again!

    eBooks or Paper Books? What is Better?
  11. You can highlight any word, sentence or paragraph on a page to write your thoughts about it. You can save your notes along with your eBook.
  12. If you stuck at a word, you can instantly find its meaning using the internal dictionary of smart eBook reader.
  13. You can save thousands of eBooks on a small memory card. eBooks do not require physical space like traditional paperback books.
  14. eBooks do not get old with time. You do not need to maintain them.
  15. You can have all your eBooks along with you while you are travelling. The same thing is not possible with paper book.
  16. Once you download a purchased eBook on your device, you do not need internet to read it. You can have your personal library in your pocket.
  17. Text to speech technology helps to listen eBooks. The technology is yet in its initial state, but it will develop with time.
  18. eBooks are searchable. You can search a word or sentence in eBook. eBooks usually have index of the content in it. The index directly links to each content section.
  19. Your family members can also read the same book on other devices at the same time. It is possible to read an eBook on multiple devices at the same time.
  20. Many people are allergic to the dust mites. Old books can have dust mites on them. You can really get sick, if you have this allergy and you get in contact with paper books having dust mites on them.

I guess these 20 reasons are enough to show you the significance of eBooks. In my opinion, eBooks are better than paper books. What you think? Use the comment box. If you like this article, show some love for this blog and subscribe to it on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.