Factors to Consider Before Buying Budget Smart Phone

If you are looking for a new budget smart phone, you should consider some factors to have a great deal. What kind of smart phone do you want? Single SIM or dual SIM? That is the first factor to consider. Then there are some things that look so important, but it is good to give them least preference. For example, camera is not a considerable factor when you are buying a budget smart phone. Higher mega pixels do not define the quality of camera. Headset quality can also be compromised in budget phones. You can buy new headphones just to listen your favourite songs in best sound quality. There are some more important factors that one should consider before buying a budget smart phone.

Smart Phone Processor and RAM

Advanced processor is really important to get optimum performance from your phone. Your phone should have at least dual core processor. But I would recommend you to go for quad core processor, which is more advanced than the dual core. Micromax and Karbonn offer smart phones with quad core processor at very low price. You can have smart phone with 1.2 to 1.5 GHz quad core processor. Phones with quad core processor usually have 1 GB RAM, which is sufficient for budget phone.

Application Memory

If you are already using an Android phone, you would have observed that the application memory is not being sufficient. You often need to remove an application to make some free space for increasing memory demand from some necessary applications, like Whatsapp and Google Play. Your phone should have sufficient application memory to take full advantage of smart phone experience.

Wi-Fi and 3G

I saw a Google Nexus tablet which has all the great features at very low price, but it do not support SIM card. Your tablet have to be in the Wi-Fi range to connect to the internet. You can not get most out of your Android phones or tablet, if you are not connected to the internet. You can only play preloaded games and watch movies on memory storage, but no messaging, web browsing and YouTube. Make sure to have Wi-Fi and 3G enabled smart phone.

Resolution and Colours

Resolution is the number of pixels or dots used to display the image on screen. Screen resolution is one important factor for the clarity of screen. Smart phone that you select should have at least 16 million colours for richer experience. These two factors are important for the good movie experience and overall quality of your smart phone.

Smart Phone Battery

Smart phones are always connected to the internet. They have bigger and brighter screen. They require more processing power and energy. Smart phone battery usually drains out in a day after moderate use. Though I recommend you to buy a smart phone having more than 2000 mAh battery. There is also a non removable battery in some smart phones. Some people think it is good to have removable battery. Because when the battery of your smart phone stops working, you can simply change it with a new one.

Budget Smart Phone Price

Budget Smart Phone
Budget Smart Phone – Micromax Canvas 2.2

The price is the most important factor when we decide our smart phone. I do not think it is necessary to spend a thousand dollars on a smart phone. At least it is not a good idea in developing countries like India. Considering all the factors mentioned above, I suggest you to spend around 200 to 300 dollars on a smart phone. For Indian readers, I recommend Micromax Canvas 2.2 and Micromax Canvas Magnus. For readers all overs the world, they can think about Moto G. Indian readers can also buy Moto G online.