Free To Do Tasks Software for Windows

I work on so many things at the same time. I always need to remember the tasks that I have to do in specific period of time. I count and revise those tasks in my mind again and again to be sure that I will not forget any one of them in my busy schedule. Even though sometimes I forget some tasks. So this time, I decided to write down my tasks, as this will help me to concentrate on my work. I do not feel maintaining a diary is convenient these days. I spend most of my time on my laptop. So I started looking for a software or application for my laptop to maintain to do list.

Todoist – Free Tasks Software for Windows

There are so many to do applications for smart phones. I chose some top services and opened their websites on my laptop. I found that Todoist has the best to do tasks software for windows. Actually, I remember I had installed it last year on my laptop, but it did not work at that time. A year has been passed since then, so I decided to try it again. I opened and installed the software on my laptop. I clicked on Todoist software icon on my desktop. I already had Todoist account, so I entered the username and password to start using this software. This time it was working!

Tasks Software for Windows

Todoist : To Do Tasks Software for Windows

Todoist software for windows has very user friendly interface. I added all the projects that I have been working on. Then I entered specific tasks related to those projects. Everyday when I get up and turn on my laptop, the first thing that I do is to check my emails. Now I will check my tasks on Todoist along with my emails. Todoist settings allow you to change language, date format, time zone, etc. Reminders, backups and labels are premium features. But basic features of Todoist are good enough to use this service. Todoist is the best free tasks software for windows. Try Todoist software to manage your daily tasks and share your review for it in the comments below.