How do I Get my Email?

Email is a modern way of communication. We use email to send messages, files, photos, etc. Everyone should have their own email address. You may ask, how do I get my Email? It is so easy. There are many free email service providers, like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. You can register at any of these sites and get your own email address. Gmail is the most popular email service. It is the product of Google. It offers 10GB of free space for your emails. The most important advantage of Gmail is that, you can use Gmail credentials later to log in to any of the Google products. And as we all know, Internet is not complete without Google.

How do I Get my Email?

Gmail (Email) Account Interface.

How do I get my Email password?

Sometimes, we may forget the password of our email address. We can not log in to our email account in this case. It is always a good idea to provide your mobile number at the time of registration or later into email account settings. In case, if you forget your password, you can retrieve it with sms on your mobile number. You should also provide alternate email address to retrieve, reset password via email. If you forget your password, just click “Forget password” link below log in section and follow the given instructions.

How do I get my Email on my iPhone?

To get your email on iPhone, just tap “Mail” on the Home screen of your iOS device. Then select your email service provider. If your email service provider is not on the list, select “Other” and “Add Mail Account”. Follow the given instructions and configure your email account.

How do I get my Email on my Android?

Android is the Operating System developed by Google. There is Gmail application installed by default in every Android supported device. You just have to log in to this application to access your Gmail account. To access emails from other service providers, like Outlook (Hotmail, Live), GMX, Mail, etc., you should have to set it up. Open inbuilt “Email” application to set up email on Android phone. Press Menu button and then “Add account”.