How to Create Blog Network?

If you own a blog, then you probably be a part of at least one blog network or community. It is good to join a blog network, as you get some referral traffic to your blog. It also helps to get backlinks. The backlinks are essential for better ranking of blog posts in search engine. Anyone can create blog network. It is free and esay. Creating a network of blogs is easier than creating a blog. I will explain in this article the step by step process to create your own simple blog network.

Steps to Create Blog Network

Today I have created a network of blogs by following these steps. This is one very easy and inexpensive way of creating a blog network. I used free blogging platform Blogger for this.

  1. Go to
  2. Create a new blog for your blog network.
  3. Open Template options of your newly created blog.
  4. We are going to customise blog template. Click Customise to open Blogger Template Designer.
  5. Change the Layout of your blog to one without sidebar. If you want a sidebar, you can adjust the width of your sidebar from Adjust widths. You may like to add left sidebar instead of right one and increase its width to the half of the width of entire blog.
  6. I suggest you to increase the page text size to 16px from Advanced.
  7. Apply to Blog the changes that you made and come Back to Blogger.
  8. Open Layout options of your blog. Turn off Navbar. Remove all the default gadgets like, blog archive and about me gadget from the layout.
  9. Click Add a Gadget. Add Blog List gadget and move it to proper place.
  10. Edit that gadget. Click Add to List. Enter the url of the blog that you want to add to your blog network. You can start with your own blog. You can add any number of blogs to the network.
  11. The best thing about the Blog List gadget is that the customization options. These options make blog network more useful. You can decide how to sort blogs in your network. You can either sort by recently updated blogs or by alphabetical order.
  12. You can limit number of blogs to show on front page. Icon, title, snippet, thumbnail, date are some other options that help to customize the appearance of blogs, posts in your network. I suggest you to apply all those options, as then your blog network will become more attractive and useful.
Create Blog Network

Create Blog Network using Blogger.

You can personalize your network with a custom domain name. Create blog network and share the link to your network in the comment section.