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iTunes Alternative for Podcasts on Computer

iTunes is Apple’s media player. I have not used any apple device yet, so I do not know about its performance on iPhone or iMac, but iTunes seems heavy on Windows Personal Computers. I would not recommend using iTunes on Windows computers, unless you are using an Apple device. If you are looking for a Podcast Player for your laptop or PC, then there is a good alternative for iTunes. It is a media player which is also capable of downloading and playing Podcast episodes. This media player is lightweight as compared to iTunes.

Miro is a free and open source music and video player. It also allows you to listen to your favorite podcasts. Download and install Miro for Windows computer. Open the installed software. You will see the different sections of this media player (Videos, Music, Playlsits, Podcasts, etc) in the left sidebar. Click on Podcasts. You will see some already subscribed podcasts.

How to Subscribe to Podcasts?

See the menubar of Miro. There are options like File, Sidebar, Playlists, Playback, etc. Click on Sidebar. The first option is, Add Podcast. Click on Add Podcast and add the Podcast URL to subscribe to it.

iTunes Alternative Podcast Player for Computer

Sidebar (Menu Option) contains all the podcast related options. Miro made it easy to search podcast. You can rename previously subscribed podcast, update it or remove it. If you have OPML backup file of your podcast subscriptions, you can import it to Miro. You can also export OPML file from Miro to have a backup of your podcast subscriptions.

Podcast specific settings are at the bottom of the podcast episode window. You can turn Auto-download ON or OFF. Other podcast specific options include Auto-Expire Items, Outdated Podcast Items, etc. You can also see podcast specific options by right clicking on its name.

The current version of Miro is version 6. Try Miro for subscribing and playing podcasts. Miro is a good iTunes alternative for podcasts on computer. Do you know a better alternative for listening podcast on computer? Please share it with us.