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How to Point Domain to Google Sites Classic?

If you want to create a website for your small business, shop or product, Google Sites is the best option. The service is provided by Google for free. You do not need to have any special skills to create this type of a website. Google made it very easy with just drag and drop interface. Now, there are two versions of Google Sites. One version is called Classic and the other one is New. New Google Sites do not support custom domain, so we will map our domain to Google Sites Classic. New version is basically for internal organisation purpose and it currently does not support custom domain name.

Add Domain to Google Sites Classic

Go to Open the website for which you want to use custom domain name. Click on settings icon from the top right corner of the page. Click Manage Site. Yow are now in General Settings of your website. Scroll down and look for Web Address Mapping. Click Map this site. You will be redirected to login page. Enter the password and you will see Admin console of Gsuite.

Map Domain to Google Sites Classic
Map Custom Domain from General settings of Google Sites Classic

Add a new web address mapping

You can see two fields on this page. One is Site Location and the Other is Web Address. Enter www into the space next to Web Address field, so your site’s custom web address will be This is a sub-domain. Now, you might like to point the naked domain to your sub-domain, so will redirect to The process is not over yet. You have to change C NAME and A NAME records form the DNS settings of your domain name service provider.

Point Domain to Google Sites Claasic

You have to create 1 CNAME and 4 ANAME records to point your domain to Google Sites.

Create 1 CNAME record with :

Host Name : www

Value :

Create 4 ANAME records with :

Host Name : @

(Same for each 4 records)


(One value for each record)

The records may not take effect immediately. We may have to wait for some time while the changes propagate through the system. Once the system is set, you can start using your own domain name in the web address bar to open the website.

If you come across any problem, the link might be helpful :

Integrate Google Domains with Google Sites

If you face any difficulty please feel free to comment. I will keep improving and updating this article.