How to Put Subtitles on a Movie?

English movie Tv channels in India have been showing subtitles for the movies. It helps Indian viewer, as sometimes its difficult for them to understand pronunciation of words. If you want to put subtitles on a movie being payed on your laptop, this article will show you how? You just need subtitle file for the movie that you want to play.

Search Subtitles and Download Subtitles File

You can search subtitles for a movie by typing it’s name in a search engine. The sites like,,, have good subtitles search engine. Some media players, like KM Player have the inbuilt facility to search subtitles. You can also directly search in Google with “movie name subtitles”, for example, “Ice age subtitles”. Open the website containing subtitle files. Quality of subtitle file can be determined by the ratings given by users to that file. The subtitle file you download is generally zipped. You need to extract it into separate folder. Generally the extension for subtitle file is “.srt”. That is the SRT file. Thus you get SRT subtitle file for your movie. Save SRT subtitles of all movies into one separate folder of subtitles. This will make it easy to find the path of subtitles and add subtitles to movie.

Some movies may have subtitles merged in them. In this case, you just have to enable subtitles. Right click on a movie and there you will find the option of subtitles. If you never want subtitles on a movie, you can disable them. Windows Media Player never supports external subtitles, but if a movie has subtitles in it, you can play them.

Put Subtitles on a Movie

Screenshot of a movie with subtitle

Put Subtitles on a Movie Being Played in Media Player

You downloaded SRT subtitle file of the movie that you are going to watch. To put subtitles on a movie, that is being played in media player, you should provide the path of the subtitles of that movie to media player. How to provide this path? It depends upon media player. The most common and popular media player, VLC Media Player have this option of subtitles. Play movie, right click, Subtitles, and then “Open File…”. Browse and provide the path of your subtitle file. But there is a limitation to this option of subtitles in VLC Media Player. If your subtitles are not in sync with the movie, you have very few option in front of you. Edit time of subtitles with subtitle editor, search for another subtitle file which would sync with the movie or change your video player. KM Player and GOM Player offer much more customization with subtitles. You can not only change color, size, place of a subtitle file, but also sync subtitles with a movie by adjusting time of subtitles. In KM Player, you just have to right click on a movie and then go into subtitles and load subtitles by providing path of a subtitle file. This way you can put subtitles on a movie.