Repeat YouTube Video to Play in Loop

Have you played your favourite YouTube video again and again? I often play my favourite YouTube video in loop. I used to do it manually, but it is not convenient. Then I found some online services that allows us to repeat Youtube videos to play in loop. You can listen to the music videos of your choice again and again. If you want to repeat only selected part of a YouTube video, you can play that specific part in loop. It is very very easy to repeat YouTube videos.

Repeat YouTube Video

Repeating entire YouTube video is very simple. Open a video that you want to repeat. You just need to change the url of that video in your address bar to repeat it. For example, The YouTube url of “Gangnam Style” video is You can repeat this video song by changing its url as Only ‘repeater’ is added in url by keeping everything else the same. You can directly search videos on to play them again and again. Alternatively, you can use to loop YouTube video.

Play Selected Part of YouTube Video in Loop

I like background music of a Tv show. Background music plays only for specific selected scenes from an episode. I repeat one of those selected part of Tv show episode on YouTube to play it in loop, so I can listen the background music again and again. It is not convenient to do it manually, so I use to automatically play selected part of YouTube video in loop.

Repeat YouTube Video

Listen On Repeat – Repeat YouTube Video to Play in Loop

Open your favourite YouTube video. Change ‘youtube’ with ‘listenonrepeat’ from the url in address bar and hit enter. You will see the same YouTube video on You can set start and stop time to play only the selected part of that video in loop. The option for that is given below the video. Listen on Repeat also has the Android application which is available in Google Play Store.

I am currently using Listen on Repeat to listen my favourite background music from a Tv episode. If you are playing the same YouTube video again and again, try the services discussed in this article.