Top YouTube Channel Statistics and Rankings

I like watching videos on YouTube. I have subscribed to many YouTube channels. I watch latest videos from my subscribed channels everyday. Video blogging, prank videos, educational videos are very popular on internet. YouTube is a good platform for showcasing talent. Content creators are trying to get more and more subscribers for their video channel. YouTube channels fall under different categories. There are some very popular channels in each of these categories. We can rank these channels according to the number of their subscribers. There are some websites that show all leading YouTube channel statistics and rankings. We also get to know some interesting new YouTube channels and videos when we see these rankings.

Find Out YouTube Channel Statistics

ChannelMeter ranks top 100 YouTube channels by the number of their subscribers. They have also listed the top 100 YouTube videos by their views. Total video views for each channel are given below the number of subscribers. You can see performance data for any YouTube channel or video by typing the channel name or YouTube video url in the given search box. You can create an account on ChannelMeter to measure, analyze your YouTube channel and compare it with other channels. You can manage multiple YouTube channels from one dashboard.

YouTube Channel Rankings

YouTube Channel Statistics, Rankings

YouTube Channel Statistics and Rankings by Subject and Country.

VidStatsX is probably the best website to see YouTube channel statistics and rankings. They have ranked YouTube channels by different categories and sub categories. They ranked channels on the basis of “Most Subscribed” and “Most Viewed” YouTube channels. Then they categorized those rankings by subject and country. There is also the list for top gainers, top losses and future rank. You can see most popular videos on YouTube in video charts.

Socialbakers, socialblade and OpenSlate are some other notable websites to view detailed YouTube statistics and rankings. Sometimes, I compare my favourite YouTube channels with other channels in the same category. I find new interesting YouTube channels to subscribe. I watch popular YouTube videos that I see in top of the chart. If you spend hours watching YouTube videos, then you should visit these websites to find out more interesting channels and cool videos.