How to Track Mood with Feelings using Remente App?

Remente is a self-help productivity tool. You can use this service to track your mood with inner feelings and status updates. You can also assess your life with its different aspects. As you keep track of your mood regularly, Remente offers weekly insights. Insights are very helpful to recognize mood swings, mental condition with ups and downs in life.

Tracking Mood Status using Remente App
Track Mood Status using Remente App

Follow these steps to track your mood using Remente app,

  1. Download and Install Remente.
  2. Sign Up and Sign In to the service.
  3. There is + (plus icon) at the bottom right corner of the app interface. Use that option and select Rate Mode.
  4. How are you feeling?‘. There will be 5 different smiley faces. Choose the one that defines your current mood.
  5. Why you are feeling so? You can write something about it in Notes.
  6. What feelings you would associate with your current mood? Choose positive and negative aspects of your mood status.
  7. Save. Your mood will get saved with a time stamp.

The mood gets saved under Remente account, so even if you change your device, you will still be able to track your mood.