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Twidere – Twitter Client for Android Phone

The native Twitter application for Android is good, but it consumes a lot of internal memory. When the Twitter app on my phone started to consume additional internal memory every day, I uninstalled it from my phone. I searched for the alternative Twitter clients in Google Play. Then I came across Twidere – a Twitter client, and I decided to give it a try. I installed Twidere on my phone. I am having a good experience with this application. I think it’s a great alternative to the official twitter app, and it comparatively consumes less internal memory.

Twidere – A Twitter Client for Android

  • Developer – mariotaku.
  • Price – Free.
  • Total Installs – 0.1 to 0.5 Millions.
  • Ratings – 4.2 by 4510 total users.
  • Current App Version –
  • Last Update – 30 March 2014.
  • Size in MB – 4.2 MB.
  • Requirement – Android Version 4.0 and up.

Warning! – Twidere app will ask for usage statistics. You can disable it from “settings – other settings”.

Twidere Application - A Twitter Client
Twidere Application – A Twitter Client – Main Interface

Advantages of Twidere Twitter Application

  • Supports multiple Twitter accounts.
  • Polished Twitter Interface.
  • Supports Direct Messages.
  • Color preferences, Look and Feel preferences, black theme.
  • Network settings.
  • Content display settings.
  • Storage settings.
  • Refresh and Notifications settings.
  • Open Source Application.
Twidere Application - A Twitter Client
Twidere Application – Preferences and Settings
I like the interface of Twidere app. It is a modern interface for Twitter. It offers almost everything that official Twitter application will offer to you. There are so many customization options that can be used to change the feel of Twidere app. Twitter feed can be refreshed by just touch and pull down action on the screen.

Limitations of Twidere Twitter Client

  • Sometimes the replies to the tweets do not show up. You can try to refresh by pulling down on the touch screen, but even though it is not guaranteed that you will see all the replies to the tweet.
  • Twidere consumes more than 4.2 MB internal memory with time. This application currently consumes around 20 MB internal memory of my phone. Though it is better than official Twitter app.

If you are looking for an alternative for the official Twiitter app, then you would like to try Twidere application. This is a light weight Twitter application with lots of features.