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Using Laptop Speaker without Laptop

I bought a speaker last month. The quality of that speaker is very good. I really liked it! But there is a limitation to it. The speaker was specially made for laptops, so the electricity need to be provided using an USB port. It was a problem, because I wanted to use the speaker for listening podcasts and watching movies on my smart phone. It was not possible to use laptop speaker without laptop. I did not have any use of that speaker unless the laptop is on. Then I found a solution, which I am writing down in this post.

Solution to Use Laptop Speaker without Laptop

‘What could I use as an alternative for laptop USB port?”, I thought about it and then I got an idea of Power Bank. I connected my speaker to an USB port of a power bank that I had. But it did not work. A power bank usually supports 1 A and 2 A output. I have Lenovo 2.0 – M0520 speaker. The speaker needs the input of 0.5 A. The power bank did not adjust the current according to the requirement of the device.

Laptop Speaker without Laptop
Using Laptop Speaker without Laptop – Speaker works on power bank power supply

I bought a new TP Link power bank after few days. It is so far the best power bank that I have seen. I connected TP Link power bank to the Lenovo speaker. I used the 1 A output of it. The speaker worked perfectly! It seems that, the TP Link power bank adjusts its current according to the connected device. Now I can connect my smartphone to the laptop speaker, as the speaker is not depended on the Laptop USB port for power supply. The power bank works perfectly as a power source for the speaker.

Speaker does not consume a lot of electricity. The capacity of TP Link power bank is 10400 mAh. If you charge this power bank once, it could provide electricity to the speaker for hours. I think Power Bank is a good solution for using laptop speaker without laptop. It works perfectly for me!