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YouTube Alternatives for Android

YouTube is the most popular video streaming app on Android phone. It is so ahead in the competition that many people do not even know about its alternatives. I do not think there is any good replacement or alternative to YouTube, but YouTube alternatives for Android do exist. Video streaming sites like, DailyMotion and Vevo have their own Android apps. These apps have been installed up to 50 million times. They have some advantages over YouTube app. We will discuss those advantages and also disadvantages in this post.


YouTube Alternative to Download Videos

Dailymotion is a good YouTube alternative for android device. It has been installed by up to 50 million android users. It got 4.2 stars (average) by more than 300 thousand people. I have tried this app on my smart phone. I do not like the overall content on this platform, but it allows you to download videos within Dailymotion app and play it later even if you are offline. YouTube has recently started to offer offline videos, but it still do not work for most of the videos on YouTube.

YouTube Alternative - Dailymotion
Dailymotion – YouTube Alternative for Android

Dailymotion gives you the choice of dark theme for its Android app. You can not change the theme of YouTube application. Dialymotion allows you to capture and upload videos from your android phone.


YouTube Alternative for Music

If you are using a slow internet connection, I do not think Vevo is a good choice for you! Vevo likes to play high quality music videos. If you are a music lover having fast broadband internet connection, then you should try Vevo app for android.  It even has a Vevo TV feature which is a hand-curated music video channel. You can enjoy an HD music experience for all type of music.

YouTube Alternative - Vevo
Vevo App for Android

Vivo is not available all over the world. You can still watch Vivo videos on YouTube. Vivo has a network of YouTube channels of music artists. YouTube has also recently added a Music section within the android app. Vivo is a good YouTube alternative for android, if we only consider online music streaming.


Another alternative for Youtube

Vimeo is not just about the music. It is more like YouTube or Dailymotion type of Android app. It has been installed up to 5 million times, but it do not have good ratings. The app has not been updated in last seven months. You can upload and manage your videos on Vimeo and it plays those video in HD quality. It does not seem to be a good alternative for YouTube android app.

YouTube Alternative - Vimeo
Vimeo – Another YouTube Alternative

YouTube has monopoly in online video streaming, considering its worldwide market share. There is no real alternative for YouTube. If you want to contribute to the Youtube alternative list or just want to share your opinion, use the comment box below and never forget to share the post.