Create Your Own Cellphone Network

You can use your cellphone to talk to the person at a long distance. Cellphone networks help us with the technology that we need for communication. But what about creating your own cellphone network? Is it possible!? Before answering the question, let me explain what do I mean by a cellphone network. A cellphone network is simply the network of cellphones. Is it possible to create a network of cellphones? Yes! it is! You just need a Wi-Fi router and if necessary, a repeater. Of course, I am talking about the Local Area Network (LAN). You can use LAN as a cellphone network. You just need an application to make calls, send text messages and files over local area network.

Set up Wi-Fi Router as Cellphone Tower

If you use broadband internet connection, you may already have a Wi-Fi router. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi router, don’t worry! An android phone can act like it! You just have to turn on the Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot from the settings of the phone. The option is under ‘Wireless & networks’ – ‘Tethering & mobile hotspot’ settings. Do not forget to protect the network with a password.

The Name of Your Cellphone Network

The name of your Wi-Fi connection will be the name of your Cellphone network. The devices connected to the Wi-Fi network will be the part of your cellphone network. Now all you need is an application, which will make communication possible within the network.

App to Make Calls, Send Texts and Files

Suppose, you have two android smartphones connected under the same network. Install and open Wi-Fi Talkie on both the phones. You will see the list of devices connected under your cellphone network. You might see their model number. You can not change the name of other devices, but you can change the name of your own device. Use the option My Profile to give the name to your device. Touch on the name of other smartphone. You will see three options; Call, Open chat, Send files. You can select Call to call the other phone on your own cellphone network. Chat and Send files options will work as text messages and multi media messages.

Create your own Cellphone Network
Call, Text, Send Files Like MMS from your own Cellphone Network

The free version of Wi-Fi Talkie has some limitations. But you can buy the paid version of this app for just $ 1. If you think the range of the network is very limited, then use Wi-Fi repeater. A repeater will extend the range of your cellular network.