How Cloud Storage Service Works?

This article contains the simple explanation of how cloud storage service works? This explanation is for Consumer Level Cloud Storage. You can also call it File Hosting Service. But there is slight difference between modern Cloud Storage Service and traditional File Hosting Service.

Few years back, File Hosting Services were limited to Desktop Computers and Laptops. People used to upload their files to these file hosting services and then they could access these files from anywhere in the world using Computer and Internet. They had to open the website of File Hosting Service using web browser for uploading, accessing and downloading files. File Hosting Service evolved with time and it got alternative name, that is Cloud Storage Service.

How Cloud Storage Service Works differently from File Hosting Service?

Cloud Storage Service is slightly different from File Hosting Service. In Cloud Storage Service, you install one small cloud storage application on your desktop, laptop and smartphone. This application creates one folder on your desktop and laptop. The file that you place in this folder automatically syncs across all other devices.

Cloud Storage Syncs Files across various Devices

Cloud Storage Syncs files across Computer, Laptop and Smartphone.

For example, if you paste one word document in the cloud storage folder of your laptop, it automatically syncs across all other devices and gets available on your desktop and smartphone. You can also access the same word document from anywhere in the world by opening cloud storage website on any computer in the world.

In another example, Suppose you are on a vacation. You are capturing photos using the camera of your Smartphone. Then what if you loose your Smartphone? What about all the photos you have captured? Thanks to Cloud Storage! If you are using Cloud Storage Service like Dropbox on your Smartphone, all the photos you have captured would be safe in your Laptop and Desktop Computer. As soon as you capture any image, it syncs with your Cloud Storage, so you never have to loose anything irrespective of the devices.

Popular Cloud Storage Services

Dropbox: Dropbox is the most popular Cloud Storage Service. Dropbox provides 2GB space for free basic accounts. But there are three more ways to get additional free space.

  1. By completing some simple tasks.
  2. By referring people to Dropbox. (Up to 16GB)
  3. By enabling “Camera Upload” option of your Smartphone’s Dropbox application.

Many people use Dropbox to share photos with family and friends. I currently have 19.38GB Space in my free Dropbox account.

Google Drive: As I said, File Hosting Service is slightly different from modern Cloud Storage Service. Google Drive is a good example of it. Google Drive was previously known as Google Docs. Google just made one small application available for installation on your laptop, computer and smart phone. This application syncs all the data across various devices just like Cloud Storage Services do. Google Drive offers 5GB Space with every free Google Drive account.

SkyDrive: SkyDrive is the Cloud Storage Service of Microsoft. SkyDrive was previously offering 25GB Space for every free user, but now every free SkyDrive user gets 7GB Space. Like Google Drive, you can create and edit Word document, Excel workbook,Powerpoint presentation within SkyDrive. Skydrive is one of the best and reliable Cloud Storage Service.

Cloud Storage is becoming more popular because of it’s wide variety of applications. You can use to create, share and manage any type of file from anywhere in the world. It is the integral part of Smart Life.

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