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I like writing my thoughts and memories. I have been doing this since my childhood. I am not that regular though. I guess every one can have their own reasons to keep the record of their life. I write, because I feel better. I look it as an opportunity to review my life.

Digital age has changed the way we used to maintain diary, journal or life records. Most of us unknowing record their life when they use social networks. I use online diary, social networks to record my daily life. There are so many reasons to do so. Benefits of Cloud, Security, Photos, Videos and Editing Tools are some of those reasons.

I did a little research in last few days for the best online solution for recording my life in 2015. I would like to share my experience with you.

Diary, Journal – The Comparison of Penzu and Diaro

If you are looking for a good online diary or journal, I recommend you to use Penzu or Diaro. Penzu is more expensive than Diaro. The important difference between these two services is that, Penzu saves all your data on their own servers, while Diaro makes it easy for you to record life on your own memory card or Dropbox account.

Online Diary
Penzu – Online Diary, Online Journal

They both have their free and paid versions. Penzu Pro is more expensive with $19.99 a year. Diaro Pro charges only one time fee of $3.99. Both of these services have their smart phone app. The free version of Diaro app includes advertisements, which I do not like. Penzu free does not show ads. Penzu Pro offers very high level of security, while I am not sure about Diaro. They both use https protocol.

Penzu and Diary have good user interface. Penzu free is very limited, when it comes to customization. You need to upgrade for more customization options. Diaro looks beautiful, but it do not offer as much customization as Penzu. You can create multiple journals on Penzu Pro, which is not possible at Diaro. Sync between multiple devices is free by Penzu, but you need a pro account of Diaro to do so.

Diaro - Online Diary
Diaro – Online Diary

You can sometimes face technical difficulties while using Penzu or Diaro. For example, I was writing on Penzu yesterday, while it failed to save half of the content. I have to cut paste the content again to save it. Speaking about Diaro, I just tried to open my Diaro account, where it asked me ‘again’ to connect my Dropbox account. Penzu was used to be very slow, but now it is working fine. You can also try LDS journal as an alternative to these services.

Record Life by Moments – Social Networks

Mobile devices made it very handy to update your current status. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram, these social networks keep the record of your life moments. Facebook has timeline view for the profiles. It is like a journal. You can quickly post an update on Twitter account using your mobile to save the current moment. Twitter account can be password protected. You can create a private Twitter account to record private moments.

Same thing applies to Path. Path is a beautiful application which is made for saving your life moments and sharing those moments with your loved ones. It is better than Twitter, but you can not take the backup of your own content, which makes it hard to rely on the service. Path do not have a web version. Even though, I am currently using Path to record moments.

Record Life Moments
Path – A Private Social Network

You can also try Tumblr, Blogger or WordPress for the same purpose. Tumblr is basically a blogging platform. Tumblr and WordPress have very good smart phone application. The web version of Blogger is good, but it fails as a mobile app. You can password protect your blog to use it as a private diary or journal.

  • If you’re looking for a way to keep track of moments but you don’t want to risk accidentally publishing it on social networks, give Supzy (https://www.supzy.com) a try. We built it for exactly that purpose – it works like Twitter, but your data is private by default, and you can always export it or share later it if you decide you want to.

    If you get the desktop app or the soon-to-be-released Android app, you can always set a prompt to periodically remind yourself to write down what you’re doing or what’s on your mind, too.

  • royalspirit

    If an app does not have a web version I just forget it. It is the most essential because if an app has a web version especially if it is responsive, you can use and access it in your mobile devices and tablet by just using a web browser even if the app does not have a native app for that device be it iOS or Android. However an app with a web version, iOS version and an Android version, I call it a three-star app.